About Us

A little about our vision...

Uncle Andy’s Jerky was born, five and a half years ago, formed by a passion for food and the possibility of exploring cuisines from around the world adding our favorite flavors to jerky. 

Food evokes emotion and memories whether it’s your first time trying Thai food at a little Yellow gas station in Texas, your grandmother's famous Chicken Cacciatore or the Espetinho you got while at Carnival in Rio. Meat is the canvas for chefs around the world to explore thousands of flavor possibilities. After my first batch of jerky I was inspired and excited to challenge the limits of where innovative, flavorful jerky can take us.  

We are committed to exploring all possibilities by working with fish, turkey, wild game while experimenting with recipes, regional spices and flavors from all corners of the globe.  Delivering you these new and exciting flavors ever month in your jekry box.

Meet Our Team

Uncle Andy

People always as why jerky?  Must have been because I loved jerky. The reality is I love meat but never found a jerky that really resonated with me.  Wanting to create something I that met my taste, I sampled everything on the market to assess textures and flavors of what is out there. Ultimately I decided that there are enough Teriyaki, Original and Hot jerkys on the market.  I wanted something different and started Uncle Andys to explore the possibilities

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